Alexandria Symonds

Aug 13 2011

Hello! I’m the online editor for Interview magazine. I have a blog and a Twitter.

I’ve also written for publications including The New York Times (and its style magazine, T), The Wall Street Journal, The New York Observer, Vanity Fair's VF Daily, New York Magazine's The CutThis Recording, OutPaste, and PaperA few recent things and a few longer-ago things are below.

If you want to contact me, I can be reached at asymonds [at] brantpub [dot] com for Interview-related matters and alexandria [dot] symonds [at] gmail [dot] com for everything else.


The Web Nico Muhly Weaves" // October 30, 2013
keywords: Two Boys; Samoan sexual politics k-hole; Halloween-store mustaches

How George Saunders Comes to Terms" // January 11, 2013
keywords: fewer talking polar bears; the small, stupid process of learning to use an iPhone; to be genuinely happy 

How to Dress Well” // June 4, 2012
keywords: the ways in which the trite shit is hella true; “Steal My Sunshine;” I wanted to make something alien that wasn’t alienating

The New York Times:

Fashion Label Parodies, Strictly Tongue in Chic" // December 11, 2013
keywords: a vulgar parody of Cartier; it’s the whole Groucho Marx thing; who owns emojis, actually?

More Seek a Slice of the Pie" // May 29, 2013
keywords: unless you’re allergic to cheese or something; cloth napkins; grease stains on her pink Bottega Veneta

Representing the Republic of Lancôme” // March 25, 2011
keywords: brand ambassadors; large Bakelite telephone; Tinsley Mortimer

The Wall Street Journal:

Mixing Math with Fashion" // February 6, 2013
keywords: Chromat; Beyoncé’s Super Bowl backup dancers; my Working Girl moment

Stepping Out Into New York Society" // January 1, 2013
keywords: International Debutante Ball; it’s really about being an independent woman; the all-Ivy party is at the Winston club  

Buzzy Summer Style: Cropped Locks" // July 5, 2012
keywords: the partially shaved haircut; Ke$ha; the juxtaposition of the feminine and masculine is happening on top of my head right now

The Cut:

The Forgotten Pioneer of Teenage Pop-Feminism" // August 14, 2014
keywords:; the internet equivalent of sneaking into an R-rated movie; the book that we wrote that educated them about their genitalia or whatever

What No One Tells You About Losing Lots of Weight" // November 6, 2013
keywords: significant weight loss; meta-dissatisfaction; no-brainer cause and effect

The New York Observer:

Life is Very Long When You’re Lonely" // January 15, 2014
keywords: Ben Marcus; post-humans; Nice Guys

Ward Cleaver Makes a Playdate" // August 4, 2010
keywords: unemployed men; Betty Friedan; the wrong kind of edamame

A Few Good Men" // June 15, 2010
keywords: men’s magazines; we’re definitely not a conservative culty thing; a Jerry Maguire-type cold sweat

This Recording:

Knife Wound” // October 14, 2011
keywords: Michael Ondaatje; erotic stabbings; a novel is a mirror walking down a road

Ceci N’est Pas CBGB” // October 3, 2011
keywords: authentrification; the Lower East Side; the foul rag and bone shop of the heart


His Last Exit from Brooklyn" // April 4, 2013
keywords: Marty Markowitz; Mr. Brooklyn; Atlantic Yards